The Man behind the success of today's literature

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April 23rd 1564 was born a man that has changed the figure of literature. William Shakespeare 
has written many poems and books that have intertwined contrary subjects love,hate and betrayal. Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet have been a success because of there dramatic style. In this next book Midsummer nights dreams he has put in place a world with interesting manners, boundaries and characters. In this piece we meet Helena a character that expresses the values of this brilliant author. She is complex, interesting but somehow shows the consequences of love


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Helena is a character with a fascinating point of view. She stands for impressive values. In the book we learn about her by her actions. In the beginning Helena is enrolled in a love triangle quite complicated. Her love for Demetrius is pure but is eyes are fixed on the beautiful Hermia. We learn about her determination while she runs after him even with all this hatred. What is impressive about this quality is that it creates this passion that will somehow make this story even more interesting.

Helena (continuation)

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Finally this character by the name of Helena is an image of the female figure. She illustrates the difficulties of the women, self-estime, competition and harshness. Helena is the proof that determination changes situations. She has entertained this story with her loving personality. She has proven that love is possible with friendship. And that's how we meet another original character of Shakespeare.

Helena’s relationship with other characters

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Helena is deeply in love with Demetrius, she will do anything for him and for his love. Sadly, Demetrius does not feel the same way; his love is reserved for Hermia, Helena’s best friend.


Hermia is Helena’s best friend, they have known each for a long time. They have a good relationship till the middle of the play were Hermia gets mad for stealing her Lysander.


Helena has a good relationship with Demetrius who is Hermia’s boyfriend, but later on in the play, she will be offended by his advances.

Helena's quotes

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"Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind."-Helena

Helena says to Lysander that most people see what they want to see with the mind rather then seeing what is to be seen.

"We should be woo'd and were not made to woo"


Helena is explaining that she should not be pursuing a man, Demetrius. Men should pursue women and not the other way around.

"Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie"

The solutions to our problems, often lay in ourselves. In other words, we solve our own problems.

Elizabethan clothing

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During Shakespeare’s time, people wore Elizabethan clothing. For women, like Helena, their clothes were determined by their status and rank. They could not wear whatever they liked and that was a law, called sumptuary law. It was strictly obeyed, because the penalties would be harsh. The colors and fabrics of their clothing could determine their rank in the society. In that time, fur, velvet silk, bright and dark colors were very hard to produce, therefore, more expensive and meaning you would be in the higher class.

As you can see, Helena looks like she is wearing a dress made out of silk, meaning that she must be part f the higher  status.

Typical Elizabethan clothing for women.


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Beteem : To give, allow or permit

Mewed: Caged

Disdainful: Deep feeling of disdain and dislike